Not-So-Green Thumb

I'm pretty under the radar about my mini life at work, but I have shared my hobby with a few close colleagues. One of them passed along a glass box to me, initially thinking my daughter would have some fun with it. But, I saw some potential and confided to her that I would likely try to work with it as some sort of greenhouse.

I did go through with this scene, but realized that the box is a bit too shallow (warranting 1:16 or smaller furniture) and challenging to photograph. I gave it a try, though, and even took it outside in between rain storms--it has been endless rain on the east coast--and got bitten alive by some hungry mosquitoes.

Overall, not a great experience, but I put some Saturday afternoon time into it, so here it goes. I'm crabby today.

Credits: Plant box is a console by Paris Renfroe; plants are aquarium plants from a rummage sale; "birdbath" is Bozart; bench and radio are from the Mighty World "Hanging Out" set; white table is vintage Jean of West Germany; Asian shelf and watering can table is Re-ment; watering can, shears, small hoe, and sunflowers are from Pain d'epices; gardening caddy is vintage TOMY; sailboats from DRAP. Accessories (including potted plants and vases) are: Re-ment; Pain d'epices; Bozart; Michael's; Manor House Miniatures.

Re-ment: The Asian shelving unit and watering can table are from the Megahouse My Room set #5, and is better sized for 1:16 or 1:18. The green potted plant to the right of the console is from the My Cats set, #7 "Fujita's Potty Cat." It is fine for 1:12, but the rest of the set is huge, better for 1:6. The white pig vase is from the Oriental Season "Summer" set and is good for 1:12 as a household object. The cigarette holders (masquerading as vases) are from the Megahouse My Room set #2 and are a bit small for 1:12; better for 1:16, but usable.