Home Cookin'

We have come back from our European vacation -- what an adventure. Three kids, one under the age of three. Very interesting! We had a great time, phenomenal weather, saw friends, went to a lovely wedding. And, I made it to a few mini stores! I could only get to one in Barcelona, Drap. The other two were in France. Once was snooty and not worth it, while the other was heaven -- PainD'epices (thanks, Pubdoll!). I went through my monthly mini budget there and bought some nice things and had a great time doing it. I also went to Musee de la Poupee, but their store was closed. The exhibit was 50 years of Barbie; some neat 60s and 70s clothing and accessories there.

This scene was inspired by how nice it is to take a trip, but how much nicer it is to come back home! The kitchen table and cooking unit are vintage Fairline and I love the 70s punch of color.

I recently received some a la carte Re-ment items from Playscale Minis, which is a good resource if you are looking for parts of sets, reasonably priced. I also used some of my European mini finds in the scene, like the potted tulips and sailboat, which are very well made.

In addition to all the cheese and bread we ingested on our trip, lots of delicious coffee was had as well!!

Credits: Table, chairs and cooking unit are vintage Fairline; dishwasher and microwave are Miele; counter and yellow vase are Bozart; espresso maker, toaster, tray, yellow "rug," and blender are Re-ment; white TV stools and TV table are Lundby; TV is from Pain D'epices; orange kitchen shelving is IKEA; plant is vintage TOMY; accessories are Re-ment, Manor House Miniatures, Bozart, Drap, Pain D'epices, and Lolly's.

Re-ment: Blender is from the Puchi Petite Mini Sweets set, #8. It is way too large for 1:12, much better for 1:6. The espresso maker and cups (#2), flowered tray (#3), and toaster, peanut butter, and slice of bread (#6) are all from the Kawaii Kitchen set. The tray is fine for 1:12. The espresso maker is a bit too large for 1:12, but the cups are fine for 1:12. The toaster and peanut butter are also better for 1:6, but the toast is great. The "rug" in front of the sink is actually a table mat from the Tea Time #11 American Kitchen set, and is good for 1:12. The knife by the sink, soy sauce in the cabinet, and polka dot tray on the bottom shelf are all from the Is Dinner Ready? set, #6. All good for 1:12.