Crowded House

Anyone else feel this way? I don't know about you, but it's like a Russian matreshka nesting doll in here -- our house, dollhouses, dollhouses within the dollhouses. I don't like to mention the state of things, and when my DH says, "You know, it would be great to have our living room back..." I smile and back out of whatever room we happen to be in at that moment.

I got some of these 1/144 scale houses from eBay -- two are from vintage kits -- and the other white was purchased in Barcelona. These are pretty traditional -- wouldn't it be great to find modernist mini houses more easily??? I've seen a few homemade ones that look great (right, Oese?), and Mini Modern has a Fallingwater one that is pretty awesome, but it's definitely not the norm.

On another note, I was quite pleased to receive some assorted AG Minis items from eBay. The bed is pretty cool -- sleek and metal. The coat hooks and magazine holder have come in handy! The new wooden asymmetrical side table is Concord Miniatures, and quite neat. Also, I like my new Tech Decks, found on sale at Target!

Credits: Vintage 1/144 houses from eBay; white 1/144 house from Drap; bed, coat hook, floor lamp, and magazine rack are AG Minis; mini dresser at foot of bed is a vintage eBay find; little toy cat is from the store at the Contemporary Art Museum in Barcelona; little toy light is Re-ment; skateboards are Tech Decks; side table is Concord Miniatures; bedside lamp is vintage German; plant is from a rummage sale; retro chair with yellow cushion is vintage Petite Princess; tables for 1/144 houses are from the Villa Sibi; chair under white house, artwork, and glass coffee table are Bozart; Barcelona Chair is Reac; rug is from The House that Jacq Built; accessories from AG Minis, dollhouse store in Paris, and Re-ment.

Re-ment: The sewing kit on the glass coffee table is from the Primary School Stationary set #10 and is good for 1:12. I bought the travel coffee mug and little toy light a la carte from, so I am not sure which sets they come from -- I'll keep checking. In any case, the coffee mug is too large for 1:12, much better for 1:6, and the light is intended as a mini, so it's sized more for 1:24.

UPDATE, 7/29/09: The travel coffee mug is from the Fun Meals # 7 set, Morning Grab N' Go. Still searching for the toy light.

UPDATE, 8/9/09: The toy light is from the Beauty Storage set, #10, Display Shelf.