Sleep Tease

This scene is mocking me...sleep is not really a big part of my life. It should be, and the dark circles under my eyes tell me I should get more sleep, like I did 10 years ago before I had kids. Oh, I used to sleep solidly; nothing would wake me up. Now I could hear a pin drop and its echo.

I liked the idea of making the K House great room into a bedroom. Pretty luxurious amount of space for a bedroom, eh?

Some artwork up high...

A reading "nook"

I also did very quick setups in adjoining rooms. Not sure if this one room was meant for a garage, but what the heck.

A little office off the bedroom...

This weekend kept me busy with the usual, but I also took some time to continue stripping wallpaper in the Citadel. My goal is to strip everything down to the original white walls and paint. I did one door a few months ago and it was pretty quick and painless. The other door and interior walls are NOT easy in the least. It's slow, torturous work. The previous owner put a layer of (ugly) wallpaper and then painted it (ugly), so there's a lot to come off and it comes off in tiny strips. Grrrr...Here's a few pics of what I was able to do this weekend.

I had to take the door off to get complete access to the challenge:

Credits: "Headboard," light, and coverlet are AG Minis; "bed" is a marble candle base from TJ Maxx; bed pillows are Lundby; bedside tables and artwork in balcony are Bozart; flooring under bed is from the nice Japanese film crew; zebra couch is Creative Playthings; coffee table is Ryan's Room; chess set is an eBay find; Corbusier love seat, Eames chair and ottoman, and white office chair are Reac; "rug" is origami paper; storage cubes are Re-ment; red desk is vintage eBay find; lamp is vintage German; console is Paris Renfroe; recycling basket is Re-ment; rug is The House That Jacq Built; plant is from Lolly's; car is Lil' Bratz. Accessories are Bozart, AG Minis, Manor House Miniatures, and Re-ment.

Re-ment: The plate in fireplace and vase in storage cubes are from the Megahouse Japanese Room set and the storage cubes and two small magazines on side table are from the Megahouse Scandinavian Room set. All items are closer to 1:18, but workable for 1:12. The red clock is from the Stationary School Set #9 and is perfect for 1:12. The wire basket is from the Bread & Butter #3 Happy Bagel Basket Set, and is a bit large for 1:12, depending how you use it.