From Germany with Love (via US eBay)

I received a set of vintage German nursery room furniture from eBay ($9.99), and it's pretty great. The nice wooden pieces are soft, smooth, and painted a fantastic orange. I even love how everything was packaged!

I set up a quick scene in the Stockholm using a vintage fixture that happened to be the same orange hue. I like the way it contrasted with the green of the walls. Apologies in advance for the picture quality -- I shoot late at night or early in the morning and it's not ideal.

Credits: Green chair by Reac Japan; rug and clock by Re-ment; small table by Lil Bratz; fixture is vintage find from eBay; cow art is from my son's Thomas the Tank Engine set; outdoor plant from a rummage sale; accessories by Re-ment, AG Minis, IKEA, Calico Critters, our local toy store, and eBay.