This Viking papyrus artwork is far from modern, but I liked the colors and texture so in it went into this scene. The "table" is actually a marble candle base from TJ Maxx. I've seen how other mini bloggers have creatively used bowls, soap dishes, etc., so this inspired me to look at such things differently. The white veins of the marble look like rushing water to me, so that related nicely to our Vikings rushing along to do their thing.

I love the long window in the Stockholm -- it provides nice options and really adds to the scene. I also experimented a bit and added two hanging Lil Bratz lights.

Love coffee, so...

Credits: Kitchen island and table base and chairs from the Villa Sibi; marble "table" from TJ Maxx; loveseat is Bozart; coffee table is Re-ment; blue ottoman is an eBay find; artwork from the store at the Indianapolis Children's Museum; light fixtures are Lil Bratz; accessories from Manor House Miniatures, Re-ment, Lil Bratz, and a recent rummage sale in town!