Bachelor Pad

My husband jokes that he had a bachelor pad for about five minutes in his mid 20s.  We got together right after he moved into a sweet studio in Greenwich Village in NYC, so he never really got the chance to rock out a proper pad.  Boo hoo.

So, as our 11 year wedding anniversary approaches, I've created his dream pad in the Villa Sibi, complete with a modern bridge, leading from his Mini Cooper into his chill domain!  

He loves remote control anything, so I had to add in a cool little car (with its own docking station!).  

TV is his friend (and nowadays we never make the time to extract ourselves from the kids to watch it), so that has its place here, along with a ball chair for comfy viewing.  I used yet another marble candle base for a plush queen size bed, which is situated next to a lounging area perfect for a cup 'o joe and a croissant.  He loves art, so a colorful abstract enlivens the wall.

He loves the outdoors, so why not use the patio for a place to relax by the pool...nice.

Credits: artwork and side table by Bozart; glass coffee table by Ryan's Room; black chair by Creative Playthings; "bed" from TJ Maxx; night tables and TV by Lundby; lamp is vintage German; indoor plant is from Lolly's; ball chair and white patio chairs are Reac Japan; "docking station" is Lil' Bratz; TV stand is vintage from eBay; patio table is vintage Fisher Price; "bridge" and outdoor plant are from a recent rummage sale; Mini Cooper was a Christmas gift from my husband;  accessories from Lil Bratz, Bozart, Lundby, AG Minis, Re-ment, Manor House Miniatures, our local toy store and the rummage sale!