Craft or Cook

I'm not crafty, but perhaps the person is who lives here. I do cook, and I understand the impulse to try to juggle while cooking, but I am more apt to get creative with my kids' homework project than sew or otherwise craft (DH sews better than I do, actually). Sometimes I avoid cooking by getting another task done, so maybe that is what's happening here in the kitchen.

I love the Villa Sibi, but it can be challenging setting up scenes in the space because of the sliding panels. Shooting photos late at night doesn't help either. I tried to create three distinct areas that work together, but it is a challenge. I have been traveling for a week, so I missed doing scenes and also wanted to use some new food, decor, and furniture items.

I am a huge fan of the "Little House on the Prairie" books, and read them as a child. I am now reading them to my kids and we are up to On the Banks of Plum Creek, so...

The kitchen set is from the Citadel, and is the only furnishing type thing that came with the house. I wish the door handles were different (more like the stove), but it is pretty neutral. I haven't really done a full kitchen scene yet, so I took the opportunity to use the items.

Credits: love seat, bed, small white table, and bedroom vases from Bozart; microwave is Theo Klein; other accessories from Lundby, Re-ment, Lolly's, Calico Critters, Elf Miniatures, Manor House Miniatures, and Ebay; black chair is Creative Playthings; Panton chair is Reac; kitchen table is Wolverine.