Playroom Scale

I received my Jean of West Germany kitchen furniture yesterday, which is 3/4 scale, so I was inspired to set up a playroom in the Villa Sibi. I set the refrigerator on its side for a credenza and then used three Villa Sibi chairs as a storage unit. I realized as I was setting this up that I do not have any children's play items for scenes like this. I stole a few books from my daughter's Calico Critters set, and used an Elf Miniatures cooking pot on the table.

The dog is my only participant in the scene, as you can see. The only figures I have thus far is a set of the K House dolls, which are out of scale. The artwork on the wall is my little pun :)

Other credits: the rug is MiniGraphics and the dog is from a game called Lucky Puppy Math; the blue chair and lamp are Re-ment and the artwork is Bozart.