My First Re-Ment

I am quickly discovering that Re-Ment products are a must-have when collecting miniatures. I bought my first item on Ebay and it arrived last week.

It's a vanity with perfume, powder, combs, make-up, and a super tiny brush. It is now next to the beds in the Villa Sibi, for lack of a better spot. The perfume bottles might be the cutest part of the set. I took a shot next to a quarter for the full effect.
Of course, I'm obsessed and have proceeded to order additional sets of things, which I will share in a future post. The important thing I am realizing is to watch out for shipping, since often these items are coming from Asia or elsewhere overseas. The set pictured here was $5.99, but had free shipping. Others I ordered are outcosted by shipping, so I'll definitely be more careful before bidding!