The Villa Sibi inspires zen-like moments...I think it's the slatted sliding wall panel along the back of the house and the soft birch color.  So, despite the work environment projected here, perhaps it comes with a certain serenity.

The desk and stool were on my "wish list" for quite some time. They are vintage Brio and came with some wear and tear, but otherwise met my expectations!

The drawer unit is Bodo Hennig, and they are two separate units that are stacked. I had not seen this before, but I liked the pop of color in what is a very practical design.

The wallpaper is from the Paper Source and I love the warmth and pattern.

By the way, there's some beauty in numbers today: 12-13-14!

Credits: Desk, stool, and couch are Brio Mobilia; drawer unit is Bodo Hennig; side table is Re-ment; plant and ladder are TOMY. Accessories are Ray Storey, Paris Renfroe, Bandai, Re-ment, and dollhouse show finds.

Villa Sibi, Twice

I really hope that I am not the only one out there who decides that she cannot fully harmonize a room setting, and then creates two different scenes in one.

It's frustrating on the one hand, because I feel like I failed at a unified interior, but then kind of challenging and fun on the other hand, because I end up with a creative solution that I am generally happy with...at least temporarily!

Question: Could the same person/people live here???


I'll let you decide :)

Credits: Couch is minimodernistas; wall covering is Paper Source; Noguchi table is PRD; fixture is vintage German, as is the table on the deck; gold chairs are CB2 ornaments, spray painted; shelving unit is Minisx2 on Etsy; chairs are an eBay find; side table and long farm table are doll house show finds; house wall art is from JoAnn Fabrics. Accessories are Re-ment, AG Minis, dollhouse show and eBay finds, toHold on Etsy, Megan of Modern Mini Houses, Jazams, Bodo Hennig, Dragondee, and Cyd of Mini Mod Pod.

The time it took me: 57 minutes, mostly due to extreme indecisiveness!!!