A few of my purchases from the Highstown Miniature Show have made it into a bedroom scene in my VERO. The Art Deco-style bed is very simple in form, and I like the black shiny lacquer finish. The galvanized tub worked nicely as a sleek receptacle for cozy blankets (actually scraps of fabric).

See the fireplace? It is part of the new modern line from, as are the rattan stools, which I have used as bedside tables. The pieces are made of resin and so far I am pleased. The flames do not look entirely realistic up close, but do the trick from father away. And in the spirit of not-entirely-realistic, it is propped up against a column, which is not really a chimney!!

The flooring here is more of that shelf liner that I used in my Villa Sibi, when I (re)discovered Con-Tact adhesive paper. I like the texture a lot, but it does not sit flush with the floor and does not tack down easily; it curled a bit at the front edge of the room. Oh well. I tried not to show this in the photos :)

I was originally going to put artwork of some sort over the bed, but then I pulled out a piece of cardboard wrapped in decorative paper from the Paper was last used in one of my Umbra Fish Hotels as flooring. It came in handy as a decorative backdrop. Speaking of decorative backdrop, a Chilewich place mat conceals the mess of my worktable, outside the window!

Off to bed!

Credits: Bed and galvanized tub are finds from the Hightstown Miniature Show; side tables and fireplace from; globe lights are minimodernistas; plant is toHOLD on Etsy; chair is Reac; flooring is shelf liner from the Home Depot; backdrop outside window is a Chilewich place mat. Accessories are AG Minis, Lilu Shop on Etsy, minimodernistas, and handmade by The Shopping Sherpa.

The time it took me: 27 minutes


I moved my VERO house onto my new work table recently, so my attention has turned back to it for some mild renovating/decorating. This is one of the rooms in the house whose wallpapers have seen better days. I decided to go with some very retro mod scrapbook paper from Lee's Art Supply. I do love the color scheme, and my new "tootsie roll" couch from minimodernistas fit right in!

I've been experimenting with dolls for my current book cover project, and this one did not make the cut. I actually got him at the five dollar store on a whim a while ago. He's a doll from the Twilight series who looks sort of normal until you notice his intense look and um, red eyes! This could be his pad, though, don't you think?!

Credits: Doll is from the Twilight series; couch and pillow are minimodernistas; console is PRD; igloo chairs are CB2; zigzag chairs are Reac; side table is from; rustic side table is a sponge; light fixture is an AG Minis table; orange shelving unit is also AG Minis; wallpaper is scrapbook paper from Lee's Art Supply; rug is a carpet sample; back curtain is a Chilewich placemat. Accessories are AG Minis, vintage German, handmade by The Shopping Sherpa, Lilu Shop on Etsy, and handmade by me.

The time it took me: 22 minutes