BUST Magazine

The arrows are mine :)
Modern miniatures are featured in BUST Magazine. That's right, BUST. Yes, that BUST. And we are "grown-ass ladies making tiny homes." I didn't know that when I did the interview, but now I do.

That's my photo! Page 60
After doing the interview, I found out that the magazine wanted to send a photographer to shoot me with some of my houses. EEEK. They provided some direction on what they wanted to photograph (3-4 different houses), but we left it pretty open. I decided not to set up any scenes, and instead spent time cleaning and dusting. Good choice.

In the end, they loved the Bodensee, so we focused on decorating there. I used some Breuer dining chairs for the first time, and was also able to highlight Pepper's amazing metal wall sculpture, which she custom made for me a few years ago. It worked perfectly over the fireplace.

Yes, I look COMPLETELY psychotic. Dollhouses relax me, honestly. They don't freak me out.
A scene in my Betsy McCall house
Whoo-hoo, a photo by Megan of Modern Mini Houses!
YAY! The Shopping Sherpa is featured.
My Blue Box house
I was very glad that some fantastic fellow collectors were featured in the piece, such as Megan of Modern Mini Houses and Anna-Maria of The Shopping Sherpa. I loved seeing their work in print, and reading their comments on the hobby. All in all, a nice article. 

I gave some suggestions on artisans, too.


Globe and Mail on Modern Miniature Design

A snippet from online -- you can read it here.

Modern miniature design gets some attention in the Globe and Mail -- hello, Toronto!!

An article has appeared in the Globe and Mail about modern dollhouses. The writer, Dave McGinn, did a nice job and it was a pleasure speaking with him. Paris Renfroe is also quoted, along with the people behind the architect-designed dollhouses and auction for KIDS, which I wrote about last week. I'm glad the project is getting some exposure. Not that it needs it, however...happily, many of the reserves on the dollhouses have been met. Most are over $1,000, with the highest at almost $15,000!

You can see the latest bids at A Doll's House.

Happy reading!