Kaleidoscope Art

It was fun to pop into the Kaleidoscope House for a quick scene this weekend. It is one of my favorite houses, mainly because of the colorful shadows and light, which can inspire but also challenge interior decorating.

This scene was primarily motivated by the very cool "painting" by Jaime Derringer hanging on the upper level. I've admired Jaime's work for a while, and have one of her (1:1 scale) drawings. Jaime is the founder of the highly influential blog Design Milk, and also creates colorful abstracts and sketches actively.

My "painting" is actually a work entitled From Above it Looks Like a Giant Mess that Jaime posted on her Instagram feed. I immediately loved the color scheme and energy; I printed it out, edged it with some washi tape, and it was good to go!

What's been motivating you lately???

Credits: Couch is minimodernistas; boomerang table is by Patie of minisX2 on Etsy; side table is miniatures.com; chair is by the amazing Pepper of MitchyMoo Miniatures; bookshelf is by Lene of Dragondee; plant is AG Minis; rug is IKEA; lamp is by Maryann Roy. Accessories are Bozart, AG Minis, Re-ment, Jazams, Dragondee, and minimodernistas.

The time it took me: 40 minutes


I had every intention of creating a "modern nautical" scene, inspired by some lovely marine blue chevron paper from the Paper Source, but not sure I succeeded. The vision was different in my head and I don't think I quite articulated it. I had bought some cool ocean life pushpins on clearance (white modern sand dollars, starfish, and seashells) and was convinced I would use them here somehow, but it just didn't work, and things fell off into a different direction. Does this ever happen to you? Please tell me it does!

In any case, it was lots of fun to put together!

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Credits: Couch is vintage Brio; side table is Re-ment; office chair is Petite Princess; desk is brinca dada; plant is Playmobil; rug is a coaster from Crate & Barrel; circle wall art are also coasters that I picked up in Palm Springs; light is a pull chain from Lowes; wall covering is from the Paper Source, as is the flooring. Accessories are AG Minis, CB2, Re-ment, Barbie by Jonathan Adler, ELF Miniatures, Michaels, Manor House Miniatures, and Nodameggakki.

The time it took me: 57 minutes