Look Up

Yes, I know, we are often looking "into" or "down" at our miniatures, but I could not resist *finally* using my "Look Up" letterpress print by the very skilled Ampersand Duck.The print was made available as an edition through the Call of the Small exhibit, curated and masterminded by The Shopping Sherpa back in 2010. Perhaps this little shout-out to my buddy will bring her back from blog-silence-land??? Where are you and your minis, Anna-Maria??? Miss you!

I cannot recall ever covering the plexi back wall here in the Villa Sibi, and it was fun indeed. I wanted to mix some grey, black, and creme patterns, so I utilized scrapbook paper from Jo-Ann Fabrics and went at it. The "rug" is cut up along the pattern lines. I just wanted something other than a large square. Didn't really think too hard about how it would turn out. I love the snowy white owl paper -- it's new from the Paper Source, and has lovely flocked texture.

The red ladder was a spontaneous addition, but I think it works. It is from my TOMY Sylvanian house, and it was lying nearby. Sometimes things just work that way!

There are some new Paul MacAlister 1:12 scale pieces in here, recently won on eBay: a dining table, lamp table, and small coffee table. They are as lovely as my other 1:12 pieces, really well-made of fine materials.

The little box is glued on and hand painted!

Hard to see here, but the edges are turned down with an edge

Perhaps it was the dusting of snow we got here today, but this scene just feels wintry to me. Could be those puffy chairs, too. They are ornaments, after all (from Anthropologie)! Hope this winter is a gentle one...I'd take a little more pretty snow, but not too much!

Photo by Pepper of MitchyMoo Miniatures
A final reminder about the Call of the Small/Cubebot Challenge: its ends on this Saturday, December 1, so get your entries in for your chance to win $200 from AREAWARE! There are some really wonderful, creative entries so far in the Flickr photostream, like Pepper's at left. Good luck, all, and thanks for participating!!

Credits:Dining table, lamp table, and coffee table by Paul MacAlister; couch is minimodernistas; hanging lamp is Re-ment; table lamp is vintage German; storage unit is by Dragondee Miniatures; Eames chairs are Reac; ladder is TOMY Sylvanian; puffy chairs are ornaments from Anthropologie; wall hanging is a rug by Fran Made Minis; artwork and couch pillows by Cyd of Mod Pod Miniatures; Look Up letterpress print by Ampersand Duck; outdoor planter is a handmade paper creation by my buddy A.'s talented Mom. Accessories are Re-ment, AG Minis, eBay and dollhouse store finds, Dragondee, Mod Pod Miniatures, and The Shopping Sherpa.


When we lived in "the city" (that's the isle of Manhattan, in New York City), we'd do takeout all the time. We had a great Cuban-Chinese place that we loved, and a burrito place too. Then, there was some tasty pizza and pasta. And the great falafel joint and yummy Chinese. Ahh...the good 'ol days. Nowadays, ensconced in the suburbs, I just get bossed around by my three kids, who tend to demand three different meals. Well, no more of that -- they get what goes on the table! I admit my resolve slips into the dead zone of chicken nuggets some days, but I usually try to steel myself for a food fight and forge ahead on nutrition :)

Takeout boxes never looked like this one from the Crate and Barrel outlet, my go-to discount mecca of choice as of late. I was there looking around for a gift for a blogger pal who shall remain nameless (it's a surprise, folks!), and saw this somewhat dented white box of circles for $6.00. Dining came to mind, and it just looked so chic, peaceful, and quiet, just like those easy, calm, fun takeout days. Not that I'd trade them for now, but I can live temporarily through this little scene. You'll see I tried a few different accessories and approaches -- looks like Asian takeout here!

On more little scenes, a BIG scene will soon bloom with the opening of the Call of the Small exhibit at Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre in Canberra, curated by Anna-Maria, the whiz behind The Shopping Sherpa. Have you all been following the progress of this very neat show to which I happily lent my blog name? Anna-Maria worked her wizardry and encouraged artists working in 1:1 to take it down a notch...and then some. The creations look amazing, and I only wish I could transport myself to Canberra to see the exhibit when it opens on August 12. But alas, this eye candy from some recent posts by Anna-Maria will have to do...

Credits: Table is by Elf Miniatures; chairs are vintage Wolverine; flooring is green glitter card stock from Michael's; plants are vintage TOMY (yeah! I finally scored another one, along with two other elusive TOMY plants); shelving on wall are two vintage Fisher Price benches; globe light is by minimodernistas. Accessories are Re-ment, dollhouse store finds, and stolen from my kid's goody bag from a birthday party. Seriously.

Re-ment: The plate, bowls, and chopsticks are from Tea Time #7, Nagomi Japanese Dishes, and are good for 1:12. The small blue vase on the top shelf is from Tea Time #4, Antique Japanese Glass and is good for 1:12.