Finding Time

Ah, the struggle of finding time...

Time has indeed flown by since I started this blog nearly three years ago, on January 24, 2009. As I have said before, I never would have guessed that this endeavor would result in the many happy posts, connections, findings, and surprises that it has. I am very grateful, and I carry that enthusiasm into 2012.

My goal is to post at least once a week, and I will try my best to do that, but life does have a way of pulling you into many directions! When I post, I want to be inspired to write and photograph, and not to force it. So, if there is a gap in postings, it likely means that things are taking shape. I appreciate your patience and willingness to "go with the flow."

As always, I am interested to hear from my readers with comments, news, and information. Thanks for following!

I wanted to share a quick scene in the Lundby Stockholm. I've always wrestled a bit with the unused electrical outlets on the walls. I've covered them up various ways in the past (origami paper strips for one), but oddly not with scrapbook paper as I do quite often in my other houses. I really do enjoy this room, especially the long window. This time, I decided to place a tree stencil over it for a decorative frosted effect. (Speaking of frosted, did you see what Megan did with her door in her Fashion House??? It's amazing).

Credits: Couch is Bozart; pixel chair is minimodernistas; shelving unit is an eBay find; table is a vintage door handle; plant is Re-ment; vase, cork pedestal, and mirror are from Michaels; tree stencil from the Paper Source; wallpaper from JoAnn. Accessories are AG Minis, dollhouse and craft store finds, and Re-ment.

The time it took me: 25 minutes