Short Shots in the Neville

A very quick post to share that I finally broke down and bought a Neville House from CB2 this weekend. I was purchasing some awesome modern chair ornaments after reading about them on Mini Modern's blog, and decided to go for this petite house. My package arrived so quickly that I was caught off guard and opened it right up (I am famous in my house for not opening packages right away. I like to be left alone when doing so and I am very popular here...Mommy! Do you know what? Mommy!).

This is a fun, well-made tiny house that packs a mod punch. 1:16 or 1:24 scale works best, and you need to practice being nimble since you have to work your furniture through the openings. Check out Mini Modern's original post on the house here, and she also posted on minimodernistas' creation with two!

Anyone else grooving on the Neville?

Credits: Chairs are LISA; table is by Paris Renfroe; globe lamp is minimodernistas; shelving is by Miner Industries; cat and plant are Playmobil, and his bowl is an eBay find; blue glass bottle and rug are dollhouse store finds.

The time it took me: 27 minutes