The Villa Sibi is the setting for some chrome this week. Check out at this vintage set I bought recently, which includes a table and six chairs, a shelving unit, an arc lamp, a mirrored planter, coffee table, and stereo and speakers, all in 1:12 scale. Most everything is metal and the tables and shelving units have plexi inserts; the chairs are covered in leather. I don't have any pieces like this (with the exception of the arc lamp), so I was excited to win it on eBay. The set may also help solve a little mystery...I have two of the same arc lamps, and always wondered about their maker and if they were part of a set. Seeing them all together provides a bit of a clue...anyone know anything about this set?

Even though the Sibi has a post 90s minimalist aesthetic, the 80s chrome works I think!

I tried to fashion a clustered pendant light out of holiday decorations bought at a yard sale. Not entirely successful, but I enjoyed the detour!

Some real cluster lamps...
Lamps by Kathleen Hills

British-made ceramic cluster lamp on
Then some cheap (.25!) decorations...

Credits: Chrome shelving unit, table, arc lamp, chairs, plexi magazine holder, stereo, speakers, and mirrored planter are all part of a vintage set; rug is handmade by The Shopping Sherpa; couch is minimodernistas; Barcelona chair is Reac; long planter is vintage TOMY; stereo table consists of two AG Minis tables; zebra print wall art is scrapbook paper; peacock wallpaper is from the Paper Source; pendant light is made (badly) by me out of holiday decorations. Accessories are Re-ment, AG Minis, Lilu Shop on Etsy, random eBay finds, and beads.

The time it took me: 48 minutes