Back to the Drawing Board

Anyone affected by all the Blogger problems these past few days? My blog certainly was, and I apologize for the fact that the post I put up on the evening of Wednesday, May 11, disappeared, as did the comments I received! What a bummer! According to Blogger, some data corruption during scheduled maintenance wreaked havoc on the service from Wednesday evening forward, and many, many folks were affected. Supposedly all is fixed now, but my post is still GONE. This has taught me to copy the text of all my posts when complete so that I have a backup.

Perhaps that post, which was a scene in the bath of my Citadel, was just not meant to, instead of recreating it, I have gone back to the drawing board to start fresh with a scene in my Kaleidoscope House. I was itching to use a sleek new 1:12 scale Maisto bike that I purchased on eBay (it's all Otterine's fault!!), and it is indeed a beauty, really lovely and realistic.

And for $7.50, not too shabby!

The flooring is one of my favorite Chilewich place mats, and for the first time I decided to use the entire thing. Normally, I cut pieces out, but the K House great room can handle it, I think!

The island is completely hacked: a Bodo Hennig kitchen cabinet on its side with two Crate & Barrel coasters. What do you think? I rarely use dolls, but I decided to use one to verify that the scale of the hack worked.

Another small hack is the fireplace covering, which is a small picture frame we got at a friend's wedding over a decade ago (sorry, D & N!). I cut off the back, affixed it over the opening, and put in a Lundby plant to soften the hard lines. Ever get creative with your modern fireplaces? Mini Modern recently created one from a miniature canvas, and I loved when Modern Mini Houses papered her Kaleidoscope House one.

The lovely green vase above the fireplace and awesome design mags on the tulip table are extra tidbits from my swap with The Shopping Sherpa -- I received them last week, to my surprise. Don't you love those packages???

Credits: Tulip table, chairs, lamp, and bottom of island are Bodo Hennig; top of island is a set of two coasters from Crate & Barrel; chair is Reac; cabinet is vintage German; kitchen unit is Bozart; BMW bike is Maisto; flooring is a Chilewich place mat; fireplace covering is a picture frame; plant is vintage Lundby; magazines and green vase are from The Shopping Sherpa. Accessories are Re-ment, beads, and dollhouse store finds.

The time it took me: 55 minutes.