Small Packages

Layers of snow have buried our vacation plans to fly and visit with family, an unfortunate kink in life's plans that has me looking on the bright side. I have so much to be thankful for this year -- family, work, health -- but this year was also truly amazing for its big surprises. Complete serendipity reigned. From the New York Times article, to the Design Within Reach event, to meeting fellow bloggers, to continuing to find inspiration for mini scenes and the rehab of houses...these happenings, events, people, and things all have been  incredible experiences in their own way, and I am utterly grateful for them.

I look forward to another year of creating and sharing, and I have gained so much from others who too have shared their vision of things small.  I am also very appreciative of my followers, who now number 335 -- thank you!

By the way, the picture in this post is my way of sharing that I am now engaged in an exciting project that just emerged in the past few weeks. I'll be able to share more in the next few months if all goes well. I also hope to post on a new house and some other interesting acquisitions soon, but if it is not before the new year, best wishes for a happy, fun-filled 2011!