Summer is coming and trips to the pool will become the standard on the weekends (and perhaps a dip in the evenings during the week). We joined a new pool and spent some happy hours there this weekend with friends. The kids have the ability to stay in the water for what seems like hours, and also have the capacity to consume endless quantities of food! They shrivel up like prunes, happily wash off in the shower, and then even more happily get into their warm dry clothes.

Here is a little bath that has a lot of play as well: there's a Playmobil shower and accessories, the egg stool (one of my favorite Re-ment), and the godfather of play, Andy Warhol, looks down on it all. I always find it a fun challenge to cram as much as possible into this tiny bathroom space in the Stockholm, and am always surprised when things fit (in) together.

Speaking of play, I brought some of my playthings to my littlest's preschool one morning last week to share my hobby. The kids, all between three and four, were not only adorable, but really smart and engaged. I had so much fun showing them a pop up house, one of my new fish "condos," and my vintage German school house. On the latter, it took them a while to figure out what it might be, but then they caught on once I pointed out the blackboard. :)

Happy summer!

Credits: Couch is vintage Creative Playthings; stool and shelving is Re-ment; shower is Playmobil City; base of shower is a bowl from Crate and Barrel; Warhol "art" is a postcard from the SFMOMA store; low blue shelf is Lundby; plant by shower is from a rummage sale; potted plant is vintage German; pillows by Annina and Ryan's Room. Accessories are Playmobil, FAO Schwarz, and random doll store finds.