Villa Sibi Sitting Room

It always surprises me when larger scale furniture fits into the Villa Sibi. The Sibi is smaller than 1:12, but somehow it accommodates 1:10 pieces...perhaps it's the boxy length or airy open front. It's a puzzle to me, but one that I am willing to live with :)

On puzzles, the shelving unit is actually comprised of wooden blocks from a children's toy puzzle that challenges you to fit them all into a cube shape. I gave up after I saw the potential for a modern piece!

The clear lucite sitting chair was from the bargain bin at FAO Schwarz, and its transparency led me to include the two Petite Princess tables into one, and the chrome Bozart table with the clear top. A standing silver lamp -- yet another great creation from minimodernistas -- provides slim contrast to the broad curves of the vintage German sofa.

Credits: Sofa, dresser, stool, table, and side table are vintage German; lucite chair is from FAO Schwarz; coffee table and striped lamp are Bozart; rug is AG Minis; double curvy table is made of two vintage Petite Princess side tables; shelf is made of puzzle blocks; standing lamp is by minimodernistas. Accessories are from our local toy store; Manor House Miniatures; Re-ment; Mighty World; AG Minis; eBay; and Elf Miniatures.