I have a few Mighty World sets and they definitely come in handy for accessories or other functional items. The tiny, blocky people go to my kids and I take most of the rest for possible use in a scene or two. Recently, I found and bought two of the Jeff the Mechanic sets on clearance ($3.75 each) and those fire engine red and silver toolboxes said desk drawers to me, likely for a creative type.

So, here is how I used them, with lots of accessories from the set (smaller tool box, paint cans, motor oil).

Bunnies seemed mandatory this day...and they are courtesy of another toy maker, Playmobil.

Credits: Desk top is Bozart; desk drawers, tool box, and boom box are Mighty World; Mac is from Lilu shop on Etsy; globe is a magnet from the MoMA store in New York; globe base is a vintage German plate; Tulip chair is Reac; shelving units and hanging light are Re-ment; plant is from a rummage sale; pot is a craft store find, painted silver. Accessories are Re-ment, Bodo Hennig, Playmobil, Sanrio, random finds from German eBay, and from Pain d'epices.