Instant Doll House!

Again, I am swayed by the portable, collapsible doll house. I recently posted on the vintage Fold-Away doll house from1949, and I have added a similar house (in concept), but more "house-like" and from the 1960s. This gem was made by an American company, Winthrop Toys, and is in excellent condition, purchased for $29.99 (BIN on eBay). It is constructed of heavy duty fiberboard that is coated in lovely, vibrant colors with fun designs of the time. The house comes with matching, pop-up furniture and all but one piece looked like it was barely used. I added a few accents and then took a spin around the house.

The sitting room/dressing how the mirror is framed by the recessed objects

A dancing/grooving entertainment room...check out the jiving couple!

And a kitchen...ahhh, the retro clock!

As well as a lovely outdoor area...dig the lamp!

The house came in its original box, too:

So...dress up, party, eat, and rest. And then fold it up and put it away!

Credits: All flower pots are vintage German and accessories are Re-ment, Topper Toys, and from eBay.

Re-ment: I have written about the Re-ment in this scene except for the record in the entertainment room. It is from Natalie's French Goods #5 and is great for 1:12.