One Room at a Time

It's been close to a year since I brought my Citadel home from Chicago, via a very ambitious family road trip (from New Jersey!). The house sits in my workroom and I get to it whenever I can. I took a big leap this week and applied wallpaper to a small room off the kitchen. The room is likely a powder room, but I saw it as a sunny sitting room.

This is the "before" paper, which was in very good condition, just not to my taste:

I then went retro and pasted on some vintage papers I found on UK eBay; the challenge was keeping it even and the pattern linked into a consistent swath:

This house is HUGE, so this room only represents a mini step, but I felt good about taking the leap. It's a big commitment to wallpaper, but I want to start myself on a roll of activity, even if it means doing it into the late hours and waking up with luggage under my eyes!

Credits: Pixel chair and ottoman are by minimodernistas; light is vintage Strombecker; plant is from Lolly's; rug is by The House that Jacq Built; side table is vintage German; vases are Barbie by Jonathan Adler; book is AG Minis.