Citadel Stop Short

Progress continues on my Citadel House. I have attacked one side of the house with a vengeance...I WILL convert the traditional decor, even if it means many late nights of sticky wallpapering and Exacto-knifing.

I already posted on a ground floor room, with groovy brown and creme graphic paper, here.

Then I went upstairs to the very top floor and went to work there, using the same vintage brown and silver striped papers I used on the main wall that runs the length of the house. Here's a quick scene to test the waters:

But what of the imposing opposite wall that runs two floors high? I decided to use existing paper I had in my workroom -- color printed versions of Annina's fine scans of her own VERO house papers. I like the result.

This paper also made its way to the second floor room. I painted the ledge nice and white, to hide the scrapes and remnants of paint/paper layers. Here's before and after:

Now I have stopped short. What shall I do with the remaining wall, which runs two floors?

Shall I use the matching papers to adjacent walls (so, brown/silver on top half and VERO paper on the bottom half) or do it all VERO? I'm stumped.


Credits: Eames lounger by Reac; lamp is AG Minis; sideboard is vintage VERO; plant is vintage TOMY; rug is by Peppercorn Minis; glass case is a German eBay find.