Creative Chaos

Don't we all want the work + play combo? I know I do. I guess when I think of that concept, I envision a thirtysomething-type deal, where these cool dudes work in an ad firm and play basketball during meetings. I forget if they brought their pets to work, but that would just about complete the vision.

This is one of the most chaotic scenes I have created -- there's lots of stuff in here, perhaps because I decided to create different work/play spaces: the eating space with coffee and treats; three workstations: Hello Kitty table; tulip table; and low coffee table with couch as chair; and the middle for endless play!

If anyone has a job like this, more power to you!! :)

Endnote: I bought a new lens for my camera, so I am happy camper!

Credits: White couches, striped lamp, and Hello Kitty desk by Bozart; glass coffee table by Ryan's Room; orange chair and white tulip table are vintage Bodo Hennig; office chair, black lounger and ottoman, and tulip chairs are Reac; two mini dollhouse scenes/figures on floor are vintage Galoob Toys; "rugs" are origami paper; cow rug, books, and some of the pencils are by Oese; Hello Kitty desk lamp and box next to desk are Sanrio; wood block table and blond coffee table are Paris Renfroe; orange side table is AG Minis; artwork is a postcard from France; lots of accessories by Re-ment, tech decks, our local toy store, Mighty World, and Pain d'epices.

Re-ment: I have written about the Re-ment in the scene with a few exceptions. The green paint set is from My Favorite Stationery, #2, and is good for 1:12. The pencil sharpener, yellow pencil box, notebook on white table, and ruler and pen in pencil cup on Hello Kitty table are all from My Favorite Stationery, #10, and are all good fr 1:12. The detail on these sets isamazing, and I wish I had more of them! The strawberry clock on the white table is from Merry Strawberry, #9, and is good for 1:12. The white laptop is from the Room set, #2, and is good for 1:12.