Three Rooms, Apart

Perhaps you have done this too -- create a scene (s) as an excuse to try out some new acquisitions. I am guilty of this today. These three rooms -- a tea salon, powder room, and playroom -- really don't totally relate, but I wanted to test out a lot of things. I bought two of the traditional, Deco-like couches for about a dollar on UK eBay, and felt compelled to use one here since stylistically it is not a typical choice for me. The same goes for the large rug and the tea set items.

In the powder room (and on the deck), I was able to use some things from the Mighty World Town Life Cafe set, which I *finally* got a hold of online, through a toy store in Connecticut. I also purchased some Re-ment from PlayscaleMinis to try out a few different pieces from the "Girls in the City" office sets.

Upstairs, I decided to use a 1/16 scale vintage Jean of West Germany playroom set, which goes with the bubbly wallpaper.

Credits: Tea salon: Deco couch, rug, picture above sweets, and side chair are eBay finds; sweets table, white coffee service table and lamp are AG Minis; round table is vintage Petite Princess; pictures above couch are Calico Critters; purse is Re-ment; jacket is from one of my Euro Minis dolls; accessories are Re-ment, Mighty World, and Bozart. Powder Room: Sink is DHE; rug is from The House that Jacq Built; mirror is AG Minis; side table and makeup shelf is Mighty World; small vanity is Re-ment; accessories are Re-ment, AG Minis, Petite Princess, and Lolly's. Playroom and Deck: Shelf, dresser (really a wardrobe on its side), and rocking horse are vintage Jean of West Germany; table is vintage Lundby; chair is Reac; corner table is Re-ment; light is AG Minis; cafe table and chairs on deck are Mighty World; accessories are Re-ment, Pain d'epices, and eBay.

Re-ment: I've written about the Re-ment in these scenes with the exception of the following:Tea Salon: The small cakes on the tiered tray are from Elegant Sweets, #5 "Delicious Artisan Cakes," and are good for 1:12. The tiered tray, tea pot and cup on small table, brown and white cake cup along the back of the long table, the white platters, and the butterfly plates are from the Princess Tea Party set, #8 "The Princess' Favorite," and are all good for 1:12. The chocolate treat in the glass vase, the chocolate top hat cake, the strawberry dome and the white dome on the small table are from the Special Cakes for Me, # 4 "Patisserie Collection," and are good as large, fancy treats in 1:12. The gold purse is from Girls in the City, #4 "Hot Date After Work," and is good as large bag in 1:12. Powder Room: The white mirror and brush, gold and blue perfume bottle with a cross, white scalloped box on bottom shelf, and pink puff in box are from the secret set of Cosmetic, #1 "Princess," and are all good for 1:12. The two square eyeshadow boxes and the lipstick are from Cosmetic, #5 "Actress," and work for 1:12. The blue Tiffany box and purple watch on sink are from Girls in the City, # 4 "Hot Date After Work." The watch is good for 1:12, but the box is too large as a watch box but can be re-purposed. The pink cosmetics bag and hair rollers are from Girls in the City, #5 "Overseas Retreat," and are good for 1:12. Playroom: The yellow school bus is from American Kitchen, #9 "Family Christmas," and is good for 1:12. The red water toy and pink pencil sharpener are from Primary School Stationery, # 8 and # 9, respectively, and are good for 1:12.