Sushi So-So

I have continued to play with the the removable panels in the Villa Sibi so as to make the most of the space. This time I took out the back frosted panel and shifted the slatted one to the middle. I tend to use smaller scale items for playroom scenes, so I decided to try out some new (vintage) Lundby furniture -- the chair is pretty awesome.

I really wanted to use the new console from Paris Renfroe, which actually complemented the new butcher block I got recently as well.

As you may guessed, I do not care for sushi, but it is very photogenic!

Credits: couch from AG Minis; loveseat and couch cover from Bozart; console and coffee table from Paris Renfroe; medieval marble busts from my husband's collection; beanbag from The House That Jacq Built; kid's table and armchair are vintage Lundby; kid's storage unit and wall "artwork" are Re-ment; kid's rug is Ryan's Room; butcher block is from Ebay; table is vintage German; folding chairs from Manor House Miniatures; outdoor plants are Lolly's and TOMY; accessories from Ebay, Re-ment, Bozart, AG Minis, Manor House Miniatures, and our local toy store.