Serene Scene

I now have my used Kaleidoscope House after a small journey north. After the Citadel trip, my kids have acclimated to my hobby and no longer think it is weird to show up at strangers' houses and pick up a house that rides home in the back of our minivan.  This trip also featured TWO houses, because a fellow Mom was giving away a house she gave up on renovating.  It's a center hall colonial, and my daughter is thrilled to have it to fix up (needs new wallpaper, flooring, and paint).

So, the K house has landed in our living room.  Not too many other options, so I cleared off a low cabinet by the window.  I love the fact that it is near the window for the light and vistas to the outside, but it's not ideal because a) within kid reach b) in direct sunlight, so will have to close drapes everyday c) in a spot where I can't do anything 360 degrees, so I will have to turn it to access the other side.  But, it's mine and I am thrilled.

The condition of the house is really good overall, but it does have some dings, like crayon or other markings on some of the plexi panels and on the great room floor.  All of the plexi is there, and some accessories were included, some of which I already have like the artwork in set #1, some family figures, and dining room chairs. But, I got some new stuff like the large green couch and pink chair, as well as the glass coffee table and toilet and sink.  I actually found some stuff wedged in the fireplace (Mom's arm, rug, artwork), so I had to take it off and then put it back.

I set up a scene in the great room today and it was fun to work differently.  I took off the top and worked from above, and also took some panels off for access and ease with photography.  I love the light and colors in this house -- it makes everything look so real.  

The guy I bought it from (off Craigslist, $450) said he received it as a gift in 2001 from his in-laws.  At the time, he thought it was a cool but odd gift, since this was before he had kids, when he and his wife were in a tiny apartment in NYC.  He kept it until he had kids (2 boys), both of whom used it for their action figures. He said he met architect Peter Wheelwright a few years ago, who told him that a lot of the houses had roofs that were not perfectly flush (I've read about this before), but some ended up settling into place on their own, like this one. 

The possibilities seem pretty endless with this house...where to begin?!

Credits: Couch, coffee table and kitchen by Bozart; orange chair, two white dining chairs, and ottoman on balcony by Reac; boomerang table is vintage German; console and wenge stools by Paris Renfroe; rug by AG Minis; rocking chair is an eBay find; plant on balcony is from Lolly's; plant behind couch is from a rummage sale; antique heads from my husband's collection; TV and abstract painting are Lundby; deco light in fireplace from Dolls House Emporium; accessories by Re-ment, Lil Bratz, Manor House Miniatures, Lolly's, and eBay.