Technicolor Studio

I was thinking about being in college in New York City and living in a super small (400 sq.ft) prewar studio in the west village. I had an odd assortment of furniture, new and old, and squeezed things in, like it or not. I worked, ate, slept, and played in the same tiny space. Miserable? Nah, loved it.

Now, the Villa Sibi isn't exactly slumming it, but I was inspired to pull together colorful, mismatched pieces to evoke my college years. I shot these at midnight last night, so the lighting is not ideal (UPDATE, 3/28/09: re-shot with natural light and replaced some pictures).

The desk is cluttered, of course, with food, paper and books. Always a bag lying around too. And a jump rope to satisfy boredom or to escape doing a paper.

The sleeping alcove can only fit a bed and some very small chairs and a table for late night working and snacking (didn't have a laptop in college, but don't have a late 80s clunky desktop mini!).

Credits: Desk and chair, small white table, rug, bed, lamp, pillow, book on bed and vases by Bozart; bag and other accessories by Re-ment; purple couches by Ryan's Room; cypress table by Paris Renfroe; cafe table and chairs by Battat Our Generation; laptop by Elf; sleeping platform and side table from Villa Sibi.